Turn Your Efforts Into Gold

This certification level program is a comprehensive education in the attitudes, beliefs, actions, and processes required to master the creation of any significant volume of wealth. More than a complete set of mental tools for the ambitious entrepreneur, it also empowers the student with its detailed yet practical description of emotional intelligence and how to apply it to both business and everyday endeavors. You’ll identify and master your own personal success habits and use them to turn challenges into accomplishments.

And you get to do it all online, at your own pace!

If 95% of the population retire without enough to live on and lottery winners overwhelmingly end up (quickly) back at square one - there is plainly a widespread problem with the money mindset of your average Aussie. This  [...]

Real Estate Rescue

The Real Estate Rescue online course equips you with the requisite knowledge and skills to start a successful business in real estate investing. From evaluating your own skills, strengths, and weaknesses to the basics of [...]

Flipping Houses Australia equips you with the requisite knowledge and skills to begin or expand your renovation business. From setting up your business for the best tax advantage to finding money partners and investors to sourcing and renovating properties [...]


Negotiation Mastery Honing Your Bargaining Edge

The key to wealth creation is just one step away!

Raving Fans

Well, I've done investing before but I've always felt like I was missing a key ingredient, which I now know I have been. Just trying to buy really well but without this kind of information has been very trying and difficult and now I understand why - I just didn't have the right tools. Dominique’s knowledge is unbelievable and so thorough [...]

The key learnings have given me a point of launching as soon as tomorrow. Coming here and being around like-minded people, the energy was just amazing- I'm ready to launch. I've decided I'm going to jump in. But what makes me feel safer is the backup support and also the learnings that I've been fortunate enough to get here. Just hanging [...]

The experience is absolutely fantastic. Dominique and the team are so empowering. There's a lot of information that I've taken. A lot of knowledge. A lot of what Dominique teaches resonates with me in some ways. I've been through property back in the UK. She talks a lot about some of the pitfalls and aspects and also talks about the law. I was [...]

I've been to a couple of Dominique's events and she's so knowledgeable and really knows what she's talking about and I trust her. All those strategies that she's taught us, I've got to delve in now and really get my head around them and I want to move forward. Hearing the different people who have already done this and giving their actual experience was great [...]