Tejas O’Keefe

Well, I've done investing before but I've always felt like I was missing a key ingredient, which I now know I have been. Just trying to buy really well but without this kind of information has been very trying and difficult and now I understand why - I just didn't have the right tools. Dominique’s knowledge is unbelievable and so thorough.  Tick, excellent, fantastic. Just information, that's what I want. Like-minded people definitely should do this course and should completely immerse themselves, 100% in. I won't choose somebody that's never ever had the struggle, that doesn't understand what I'm going through, and it's the same with real estate. Dominique has had successes and she's had failures, and it's not been easy.  It hasn't been quick rich schemes, it's been, ‘I made this mistake because of this issue, and this is how you stop that from happening to you, which is so important to me.


Kanat Wano

The key learnings have given me a point of launching as soon as tomorrow. Coming here and being around like-minded people, the energy was just amazing- I'm ready to launch. I've decided I'm going to jump in. But what makes me feel safer is the back up support and also the learnings that I've been fortunate enough to get here.  Just hanging around the energy of the people who are sharing a journey or living a dream - we're sharing a platform in the work that Dominique and her team's providing and it is just giving us that confidence and that self-belief to move on. You need to get a taste of what an opportunity this is. Whether you're ready like me to jump in the next day or not, you should do the course because it just gives you another way of thinking and it recalibrates your brain. And some of the insight stuff that she's talking about is gold. So thanks, Dominique.


Michael Windsor

The experience is absolutely fantastic. Dominique and the team are so empowering. There's a lot of information that I've taken. A lot of knowledge. A lot of what Dominique teaches resonates with me in some ways. I've been through property back in the UK. She talks a lot about some of the pitfalls and aspects, and also talks about the law. I was able to associate my experiences with some of the experiences that she was having. That resonated with me, and empowered me more to understand and want to follow this course all the way through. It's not just about real estate. It's about individuals, it's about people. It's about you, and what you can learn and develop. I'd recommend it to everyone. Real estate is only one aspect of this. It has allowed me to develop myself as an individual.  I'm relating to the things she's talking about in other aspects of my life, such as my workplace. I can change my focus now.  I'm excited about the future.


Ellen Van Haren

I've been to a couple of Dominique's events and she's so knowledgeable and really knows what she's talking about and I trust her.  All those strategies that she's taught us, I've got to delve in now and really get my head around them and I want to move forward.  Hearing the different people who have already done this and giving their actual experience was great as well.  Anybody who's really interested in following this up, Dominique is one of the best to follow I would say.  Now I’m looking at how you can advance yourself by these strategies.  The takeover and so on, I haven't heard those things before, so she is right on the cutting edge because most people don't know about that stuff, so yes, I would definitely recommend her to quite a few of my friends.